Telica School Project

Special nonprofit project School volcano Telica | Quetzaltrekkers Nicaragua | #hiking

Aguas Frias is the name of a community that is 30 minutes away from the Telica`s crater, one of our famous hikes. The small community has 54 families, all living together as a team. It wasn’t the first time that Quetzaltrekkers helped this community, in 2009 we built a couple of latrines for the school.

One of the biggest needs of Aguas Frias was its school, a place for around 60 kids. The school had only one destroyed classroom where two teachers tried to teach six different grades, the floor was full of holes because of the leaks on the roof and the classroom was literally falling apart.   Continue reading

The right of a playground

School Playground contruction | Quetzaltrekkers Nicaragua | #volunteering

The school Hermanos de Salsburgo is located in the neighborhood of Fundesi in Leon. Around 300 kids attend the school from kindergarten to middle school.

It was the director of the school who came to the Quetzaltrekkers office more than one time asking for help. If the director took the time to come several times it was worthy to check out. The first visit we found a big school with beautiful painting walls but with lots of needs, one of them was the playground for the 30 kindergarteners who were having their break inside the classrooms. The games were old and rusted, and most importantly it wasn’t a safe place for them. Continue reading


Painting KM18 school - Quetzaltrekkers Nicaragua

Kilometro 18 school opened in 1989. This school located in rural area away from every major highway, only three buses visits this area every day. The dirt and bumpy road to this school is poor at best. Even with these circumstances, 87 children attend the primary school during the week and 68 teenagers to secondary school on Saturdays. The children live in the surroundings neighborhoods and use horses, donkeys or bicycles to arrive in the morning.

Quetzaltrekkers discovered the school 4 years ago when one of her teachers approached to the office asking for help. Since then we’ve help them with school supplies and materials for special events. Last year we decided to go further and build a library, the school only had three class rooms that couldn`t fit all the children. New library offered an extra space to learn and work for the children. The grand opening was in July 2014, since opening this new space we have 25 children joined the newly created book club. Quickly teachers filled this new space and booked filled the shelves. Continue reading

Special Projects 2013

June and July 2013 have been big months for Quetzaltrekkers and the projects we support! Money we have saved over the last 5 years has enabled us to undertake several large-scale construction projects to benefit  local schools and the organizations we support. We have proposed several projects  all of which are at different stages of completion. These coming months will see bathroom renovation, installation of sinks and electrical wiring, and construction of a library at local schools who are in dire need.

To read more about these special projects, click here! Continue reading

New Office!

As we mentioned previously, Quetzaltrekkers has a new office!! We are now in a bright green house with a flying bus sign right next to Desayunazo and the restaurant La Mexicana. It’s about 3 blocks north from the Cathedral and 1.5 blocks west. Check out pictures here!!

We’re Moving!!

Quetzaltrekkers has a new home in León!! Beginning on June 3rd, QT will be operating out of a new location, just a half block east of Desayunazo, or 1.5 blocks west of Loro Trips.

We are super pumped about the new digs. Not only do we practically have our own botanical garden in the back yard (mango trees and wild pineapples!), but the new bigger space also presents more housing for volunteers and lots of opportunities for hosting different events. We will keep you posted with pictures and news throughout the upcoming week.

Consequently, the office will be closed this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as we finish construction and get everyone settled in. Though we will not be able to offer any hikes during this weekend, we will be checking our email, so shoot us a message if you have any questions! We are excited to see everyone again on Monday when we open our doors in the new house!!