Crazy Hats, Determined Kids

Loco Sombrero Scholarship Day was a success for Quetzaltrekkers and the 20 students we financial assist in their educational pursuits. This quarterly scholarship gives many hardworking students the chance to purchase necessary books, uniforms, food, and transportation in order to continue attending school and focus their efforts on advancing towards their dreams. Workings with a range of kids from primary school to University, Quetzaltrekkers, together with the support and guidance of social worker Maria Mercedes Ortiz, have been giving back to students since 2012.


The fun, creative hats and glittery smiles created on this day are not expected to fade anytime soon and will, in fact, be joyously displayed at a celebratory parade this upcoming Sunday, October 30th.


Making hats as dazzling as these was a rarely afforded opportunity for kids to be kids. It was an opportunity to eat cake, to laugh with friends, and to make new ones. Quetzaltrekkers staff had a blast with this lively, creative, group of young people. It is days like this that keep us grateful for every little bit we can do to give back. Every bit counts, whether it affords a bus ride, a meal, or a pathway to an education for students in a vibrant but challenging community.

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