Celebrating children´s day with a lot of happy painted faces

On Thursday July 14th, Quetzaltrekkers helped fund another amazing event, which happened to be in the form of a play.  The event helped local children and parents celebrate Dia Infantil (in English: children´s day).  Our volunteers helped set up the stage, greet people at the door, and offered their semi-artistic services in the way of face painting.  

P1090675 (1)



The theatre was completely full, many smiles could be seen throughout the day, and all the performing kids did a great job. The different acts were performed many of the local organizations that we support here in Leon including Barriletes, Las Tias, Chavaladas, and NECAT (minibiblioteca).  Each act varied in length and number of performers, but each was unique in its own way.  Some of the themes included traditional dancing, the three little pigs or school.  The performances included lots of interaction with the crowd, which was a pleasant surprise and helped keep the crowd attentive.


        After the event, a huge round-of-a-plause was given to all the performers, organizations, and Quetzaltrekkers. The lobby turned into a social event, where many pictures were taken, food was eaten, and laughs were heard in the air.  After everyone left, the volunteers stayed behind to help clean up the last little bit.  Different leaders from the projects thanked us, and couldn’t be happier with the turn out. All in all, it was beyond a great day.


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