Volcano Boarding fun with Leon`s street kids

This weekend, Quetzaltrekker volunteers joined 18 brave boys from Las Chavalades on a trek to the top of Nicaragua’s most active volcano – Cerro Negro. For most of the boys, this was their first visit to the “Black Hill” – a popular destination for thrill-seeking tourists interested in volcano boarding down the steep slopes of a volcano.


QT volunteers and Chavaladas street kids on cerro negro

Group picture before the hike with Cerro Negro in the back.

Las Chavalades is one of 4 projects here in León that receives ongoing financial support from Quetzaltrekkers. About 60 children from the ages of 6 to 18 are welcomed each day at Las Chavalades, where they are provided with help in order to overcome drug addictions and particularly difficult living circumstances.

When our vehicle pulled up to the Las Chavalades building, the boys rushed out in excitement. After a 45-minute drive on a very bumpy road, the boys raced up to the top of the 728 metre volcano, taking time to observe the impressive volcano and surrounding area. From the top, it took no more than 2 minutes to reach the bottom of the volcano for those who chose to try volcano boarding for the first time. For the rest of us, we had fun getting to the bottom on foot.


Hiking up Cerro Negro. Quetzaltrekkers guides help carrying the boards.


Having fun on the top.


“I believe I can fly …”


“Me, too!”


Our QT guide Sofie and Chavaladas kid Goblin boarding down.


We all shared a snack, hopped back into the vehicles for our return to León. It was a quiet ride back to the city, with most of the boys fast asleep after their big adventure.


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