Baseball Uniforms for Nagarote Champions

Baseball has been a celebrated part of Latin American culture since the 19th century and is second only to soccer in popularity in many countries. Many Nicaraguans spend their weekends cheering on both local and national baseball teams. When Quetzaltrekkers learned that the defending departmental champions of a baseball league for 9-11 year old boys in a small town near Leon could not afford matching uniforms, we stepped in to ensure that this talented, hard-working team was dressed to win.

The boys who play on Nagarote’s baseball team are from very low income families. For them, baseball is a form of escape. Unfortunately, the team does not receive any financial support from their local government and had to make due with old, mismatching and ill-fitting uniforms. The boys work very hard and last year they won their league.

After learning that the boys could not afford new uniforms, Quetzaltrekkers purchased high quality, new uniforms for them. Quetzaltrekkers volunteers attended their next game and were happy to see the boys looked very proud. The team played a double header against Leon and La Paz Central. They won both games and are now slated in first place in their group.






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