Painting the Special School

Last Saturday the Quetzaltrekkers volunteers and two parents spent the day painting five classrooms from the Special Schools in Leon. The Special school, located on Sutiaba neighborhood, exists since 1975 and at the moment it has around 150 children between 5 and 18 years old. It is the only school of its kind in the whole department and accepts kids with handicaps as cerebral palsy, blind, deaf-mute, Down syndrome and other special needs. Quetzaltrekkers Leon helps the Special School

DSC_4386 DSC_4415

The classrooms were destroy and needed an urgent paint from inside, some reparation for the kids and a better environment for the education. We have to buy big buckets of paint, brushes, thinner and sandpaper for finishing our project in one day. At the end of the day the volunteers were cover by paint but the classes were finish and it was amazing. We couldn’t afford doing that project without the donation of Marie Witt, Claus Witt and Krestin von Spreckelsen-Witt, thank you so much!

Quetzaltrekkers Leon help the Special School
Thanks to our special donors for the paint!

Only one university in Nicaragua provides a special education career, the education department doesn’t provide enough tools so the teachers have to decide about the materials and learn by themselves, however the school provides some workshops for their teachers. A few parents can communicated properly with their children because they don’t know the sign language, the school also try to support them and offers workshop for them too.

We also donated tables and chairs for the school, with children you have to be careful with broken things and pointing tables, but with these kids you have to be extra careful. They don’t receive a lot of money from the government or other organization, so we feel the need to improve the equipment for two classrooms.

 Quetzaltrekkers Leon donates tables to the Special School

Quetzaltrekkers Leon helps the Special School Quetzaltrekkers Leon donated tables to the Special School

They just build a new classroom that will allow to have better space for a class, Quetzaltrekkers also helped with the installation of the windows and grills. The special school is a shelter for these kids and also for their parents, they try to be better every day and give more help for the children. We were proud to spent the Saturday painting the classrooms and also for being able to help the school, thanks to our clients who hike volcanos for helping kids.

Quetzaltrekkers Leon helps the Special School

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