Skate Club

In Quetzaltrekkers, we strive to provide children with a positive constructive environment. We believe through sports, we can tap into their motivation and provide valuable messages to enrich their lives.

Two months ago, we began to talk to two local skaters and we came up with the idea of teaching young kids to skate. We started this awesome project with the kids from a local project “Niños del Fortin” which is connected with Las Chavaladas.

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Las Chavaladas, works with kids and teenagers since 1994 who are socially marginalized, the project focuses their work with kids that search for food and recycling materials in the local landfill that later they sell for low price. Niños del Fortin provides an after school program to help with homework, spend time with other children, and provide family consulting. 

After having all parties involved committed, we donated skates for fourteen children between 9 and 12 years old. The idea of “Skate Club Project” was for kids from underprivileged area to have this unique opportunity to participate in positive activity. Perhaps some will find a new passion for this sport and become professionals. The most important value is that the classes are an enthusiasm builder for the kids, positive and rewarding experience; the lessons also teach kids how to set goals and overcome fears.

Before every class the kids are waiting anxiously for the teachers to arrive, then they run to the area where they keep the skateboards once they touch the skateboards no one can stop them. An hour going back and forth and trying new tricks with the help of the teachers. At the end of the year we gift the children new shoes for next year. All of the effort and energy on putting this project together is well worth it when you start to hear the wheels rolling and kids laughter following right after. 

Skate club - Quetzaltrekkers Leon Nicaragua - El Fortin