Goodbye Barrilete’s school year

Last Tuesday 18th was a busy day for our project Barriletes, in the morning the children attended a dental workshop provided by Quetzaltrekkers Leon and a local dentist, in the afternoon a big party was offered for them as a goodbye to the school year.

Everyone loves to hate dentists, most people in rural Nicaragua don’t have enough money to get their teeth taken care of regularly, but one of the biggest problems starts in their homes where they don’t learn how to take care of their own teeth. Quetzaltrekkers has been lucky enough to find a local dentist who agreed to have a workshop with the children and their parents. The dentist arrived at the school and covered topics on proper flossing and brushing techniques, and common problems such as cavities. When the children were asked who wanted white teeth, some of them doubted at first, but then everyone raised their hand with a big smile. The dentist also talked to the parents who had a lot of questions about milk teeth and deformation of the tooth. At the end of the presentation, each child was equipped with a small tube of tooth paste and a new toothbrush. Also the dentist gave free dental cleaning for three children that needed it urgently.

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It’s the end of the school year in Nicaragua! After working hard all year the children deserved a big party to start the vacation, even though some of the children live permanently in Barriletes and others will still attend in the morning as a safe place to stay. The party was a perfect time to look back and congratulate the children. A room with games in one corner, music another and Barrilete’s volunteers painting faces in the other. The afternoon become even better when two clowns joined the celebration to dance and have fun. To finish the party two piñatas were hanging on the roof waiting for the children, they hit the piñatas with strength and dedication until they broke and candies rained down on the children.

The kids will start the new course next year in January and Quetzaltrekkers is looking forward to help with a new teacher and material for that New Year. Our volunteers will keep visiting the children who live in Barriletes during these months and help to provide a great vacation for them too.

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